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Mortgage Checklist

Please provide copies of the following documents, please note that additional docments may be requested during the process of your loan.

Income Documentation:

  • Pay stubs-most recent 2 months (must include your name, employer name and year-to-date earnings)
  • W-2's-most recent 2 years
  • Personal tax returns-most recent 2 years (K-1's if applicable)
  • Business tax returns-most recent 2 years (K-1's if applicable), if you own 25% of any business most recent 2 years tax returns required

Retirement and/or social Security Documentation:

  • Social Security award letter-most recent 2 years
  • 1099's-most recent 2 years and or retirement award letter

Asset Documentation:

  • Bank statements-most recent 2 months (all deposit accounts)
  • Retirement statements-most recent 2 months
  • Investment statements-most recent 2 months (i.e. Mutual funds, stocks/bonds, IRA's...etc.)

Identification Documents:

  • Borrower & co-borrower drivers licenses* (*if applicable)
  • Social security card

Additional Items for Purchase Transactions:

  • Executed settlement statement or closing document on recent/existing home sale* (*if applicable)
  • Gift fund documentation* (*if applicable)

Additional Items for Refinance Transactions:

  • Current homeowners insurance policy
  • Mortgage statement, most recent
  • Survey

Items that may be required where applicable:

  • Real Estate sales contract for new home purchase
  • Copy of earnest money check
  • Real Estate sales contract for existing home if under contract* (*if applicable)
  • Fully executed divorce decree
  • childsupport payment history-most recent 1 year period
  • DD214 VA loans




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